Thinking out of the Box

As a sustainable company, we have spent immense amount of time designing our products from materials including bamboo, water hyacinth, cane and other natural fibers. However it was only recently that we started thinking about re-imagining the packaging material that is so important in delivering our products safely to our customers. Over the years, we have experimented with different packaging materials based on our constraints and availability within our local industry.  

We started with a few first principles :

1) The material we choose should be extremely resilient while also being sustainable and recyclable 

2) The exterior of the box should convey our philosophy as a brand

We were lucky to come across the extremely talented Rituraj Phukan and his team from Pencil Design Studio

We ideated over multiple sessions about the KraftInn Brand Philosophy

  • The story about Sustainability and the materials we use
  • Our small contribution to 'made in India'
  • The reflection of the craft that is a blend of the artisans at work and modern manufacturing practices we use to finish and assemble the products

Pencil Design Studio came up with two very powerful images to showcase these ideas

The first design had elements of the local essence along with the materials


The second design showcased our journey with the artisans and local flavor 

We ran a quick survey with our customers to choose the design they liked and overwhelmingly they chose the second design.

After the design was finalized, we worked with our packaging partners to bring these designs in our final packaging design and this is how they look now :

Our endeavor is to make sure every order that you make with KraftInn is a great experience, not just the product but also the way it is delivered.

Let us know what you think of our new packaging design


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Useful blog. Thank you for sharing with us.

tractor trailer

Tractor trailer

We are honoured to be your design partner. Many more to come and keep up the awesomeness. You guys are an inspiration and a testimonial of how one can take a native Brand to global.

Ritu Raj

Great execution to a very meaningful concept. Wishing your venture the very best.


Great Message 👍

Sandeep Mohanty

It’s beautiful! In its form and in its message!

Asif Laskar

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