About Us


Kraftinn is more than just a company; it’s a melting pot of ideas. We’re dedicated to merging creativity, innovation, and vision into our eco-friendly, durable home décor products. The name KRAFTINN cleverly combines ‘craft’—our passion for designing unique items with the expertise of seasoned artisans—and ‘inn’, a place where travellers immerse themselves in local culture and ideas converge to spark innovation.

Assam has a wealth of natural resources that fuel our vibrant arts and crafts heritage. Our artisans, skilled in traditional techniques and working with sustainable materials like bamboo, water hyacinth, cane, and cotton, bring their visions to life under the guidance of expert designers. The result? Our products are a unique and forward-thinking celebration of Assam’s rich traditions.

Our Story

Childhood memories of gathering around a bonfire on handcrafted stools, and listening to our grandparents’ tales, have left a lasting impression. Handicrafts are not just artefacts; they’re a way of life here, a vital skill passed down through generations. As we pursued our careers, we realized the importance of preserving this heritage.

Kraftinn emerged from the fusion of traditional handcrafting and modern living. In Assam, a state with a deep-rooted history of craftsmanship, we saw the untapped potential of our artisans’ legacy. The handicraft sector’s stagnation, despite its diversity, often stemmed from undervalued work.

At Kraftinn, we’re closing this gap. Collaborating closely with artisans, we pour hours into each design, striving to infuse practicality and market appeal into our creations. Without formal design education, we approach our work with childlike wonder, crafting designs that resonate with contemporary lifestyles and are scalable.

We draw inspiration from our artisans and, importantly, from you—our most valuable design mentors.

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We at Kraftinn believe in sustainability that brings social equity, economic empowerment and greater adaptability to environment-friendly products.

Carbon Handprint v/s Carbon Footprint

Our primary materials—renewable fibers like bamboo, water hyacinth, and jute—reflect our growth strategy. We’re minimizing our carbon footprint by adopting a micro-factory model, situating production units close to our artisans’ homes to cut down on travel emissions.

Simultaneously, we’re expanding our carbon handprint, aiming to replace household plastic items with sustainable alternatives. Our vision is to have a greater positive impact (carbon handprint) than our environmental cost (carbon footprint) within the next five years.

Your Contribution

When you buy a Kraftinn Product, you help in earning the livelihood for one day of one family. If you love our products, we request you to refer them to your friends and family. Sharing your love with friends and family amplifies our mission.

Our Impact

At Kraftinn, we believe that what’s good for the bottom line is also good for customers. After associating with Kraftinn, the income of the artisans has increased 3-4 times and they also have a sustainable income throughout the year.

By empowering artisans to set their prices, we foster a sense of pride and motivation while being connected with their inherited skills.


We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul. Providing financial literacy to the artisan community was the first step towards empowerment. To start with, we enabled Direct Bank Transfers for all our artisans, employees, vendors and suppliers. Clear payment cycles were defined to help them plan for the future and rise in the social ladder. Our work culture also allows them to pursue their dreams outside work.

Our process: 

Our design follows the following steps: ideation, feasibility study, prototyping, feedback from the team, improvement, feedback from potential customers, improvement, and repeated improvement after feedback from actual customers. Our products have evolved over the years based on feedback from users.