About Us


Kraftinn is not only a company but it’s also a blending hub. We try to bring together creativity, innovation, and vision, by making tangible in our eco-friendly, resilient home décor products. The name KRAFTINN is a slight twist of two words – ‘craft’ and ‘inn’. The word ‘craft’ symbolizes our desire to design unique products, harnessing the skills of artisans who have evolved over generations. On the other hand, the word ‘inn’ is a place, where passersby can experience the local culture and various ideas are jammed in to form a new idea.

Assam is rich in amazing resources. It has a vibrant heritage of arts and crafts made of sustainable materials like bamboo, water hyacinth, cane, cotton, kauna, etc. Under the brand of Kraftinn, skilled, traditional artisans give flight to their imagination under the supervision of expert designers. As a result, our products are a distinctive and innovative rendering of Assam’s deepest traditions.

Our Story

We remember when as kids, we would sit on handcrafted stools around a bonfire and listening to stories of our grandparents. Ever since handcrafted products were a part of our life. Knowing some kind of handicraft is considered as a life skill in this part of the country. When we grew up following our career goals we also forgot the joy of sitting around the bonfire or sitting with friends on cane furniture over a cup of tea. Our lives are changing and we also want to preserve the traditional knowledge.

The idea of merging the traditions of handcrafted accessories with contemporary lifestyle needs gave birth to Kraftinn. 

We come from a state rich in handcrafted traditions and we see what our artisans have created through all these generations. Despite the diverse handicraft industry in India, there has been little growth. One of the main reasons is that crafters were not getting the value for their efforts. 

Kraftinn with roots in the handicraft rich state of Assam is bridging the gap. We sit together with our craftsmen who have inherited the art from their ancestors and spend hours working on a design. We then try to add practical value to the products for which the customers are ready to pay. None of us have been to a design school so we work like kids on a blank slate and try to come up with designs that translate into marketable products for the contemporary lifestyle which are also scalable.

We learn from our crafters and most of the time we learn from YOU, our most valuable design teachers.

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We at Kraftinn believe in sustainability that brings social equity, economic empowerment and greater adaptability to environment friendly products.

Carbon Handprint v/s Carbon Footprint

The primary raw materials that is used at Kraftinn are renewable fibers like bamboo, water hyacinth, jute, etc. As we grow as a company, we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint by various means apart from using renewable raw materials. One of the ways is using a micro-factory approach where each unit is set up where our artisans live. This reduces a lot of travel carbon footprint.

On the hand we are trying to increase the carbon handprint by trying to replace every plastic item at your home by providing a sustainable alternative. Our goal is to achieve a larger carbon handprint than our carbon footprint in the next five years.

Your Contribution

When you buy a Kraftinn Product, you help in earning the livelihood for one day of one family. If you love our products, we request you to refer it to your friends and family. Your referral contributes a lot to our journey.

Our Impact

At Kraftinn, we believe that what’s good for the bottom line is also good for customers. After associating with Kraftinn, the income of the artisans has increased 3-4 times and they also have a sustainable income throughout the year. The artisans decide the price for the work they do and this keeps them motivated to keep connected with their inherited skills.


We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul. Providing financial literacy to the artisan community was the first step towards empowerment. To start with, we enabled Direct Bank Transfer for all our artisans, employees, vendors and suppliers. Clear payment cycles were defined to help them plan for future and rise up in the social ladder. Our work culture also allows them to pursue their dreams outside work.

Our process: 

Our design follows the following steps: ideation, feasibility study, prototyping, feedback from the team, improve, feedback from potential customers, improve, and repeatedly improve after feedback from actual customers. Our products have evolved over the years based on feedback from users.