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Bicolor Multipurpose Open Storage Bins - Set of 2

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This set of 2 bins can be used for multipurpose from using it as a waste paper bin to store magazines and files in the office, from laundry storage to using it as a toy basket for children in Home. Each bamboo strip is carefully hand-colored to give a personal touch. The bright color goes with both traditional as well as contemporary surroundings. These baskets are made of bamboo. Of all the eco-friendly raw materials, bamboo scores high in most indicators. Being a form of grass, it is a highly renewable source. As such, it is a strong economical source where it grows. It has higher compression strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, It's odorless and rot-resistant. These properties make bamboo products a good choice for daily use.

    • Material: Bamboo. Color: Brown
    • Package Contents: 2 Open Bins
    • Size: Large: Diameter - 11.5 inches -Height 12 inches | Small: Diameter - 10.5 inches-Height 11 inches
    • Shape: Cylindrical
    • Wash Care: Small stains can be removed by gentle cleansing with a wet cloth
    • Country of Origin: India